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How To Choose The Best Eco-Friendly Flowers For Your Wedding?

Most of us strive each day to be a little bit more eco-friendly in our everyday life. If living an eco-friendly lifestyle is important to you and your partner, you should relay that when planning your wedding. At Roseandco, our wedding flowers can be eco-friendly. Check out our ideas on how to brew up stunning flowers that are a little greener than normal for your big day.

Always Buy Local

Always buy local whenever you can. This lowers your carbon footprint, but still gives your neighborhood something beneficial and encourages smaller businesses. To explore your needs and how they can help you a little more eco-friendly on your wedding day, pop into your local florists to get some really good ideas. If you're planning to order flowers with ROSE & CO for your wedding, the best part is that we connect with local Australian florists to support nature while making your big day a great experience for you to feel true premium flowers.

Choose Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers will help you again to lower your carbon footprint. This is because they are not shipped from overseas, and buses and airlines transporting the flowers in, are not ideal for the ecosystem. And also, flowers grown beyond their seasonal cycle need more energy and water that can have an environmental effect. Although you may have had a picture of the ideal wedding bouquet in your mind, seasonal flowers may still give your wedding a breathtaking decoration or two.

Decorate Your Table With Blooms

Go for preserved and dried flowers that last long after the day and that can be seen on the table or at the doorway to your ceremony in high vases. Make sure to select eco-friendly elements and décor for your tables. Glass vases and wooden name cards are just two classic ways to present your wedding day with an eco-friendly theme. We adore the concept of plantable name cards, blended with wildflower seeds, that guests can carry home with them and grow in their garden.

Go, Flower Hunt

Make use of your native flowers and highlight this in your wedding theme. To gather branches, exotic grasses, and greens that can be used in your table decor, just venture out for a stroll. Crunchy autumn leaves spread around the tables fit perfectly for autumn weddings, while wild lavender and cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in displays for spring weddings. For a natural and eco-friendly gesture, we admire the practice of writing table numbers and names on leaves. It's an eco-friendly way to embrace what nature has to offer in your local town while also making sure that your guests know where to settle for dinner.

The Bottom Line

We believe we have given you some insights into how eco-friendly wedding flowers can be incorporated. With a little passion and a little thinking, for your big day, you can make a stunning show that also does its part for the environment. Visit our shop if you are looking for locally grown flowers from Australia.