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Everyone loves flowers. We admire their variety of shapes and colour. The scent produced by them gives us a piece of mind. And that is why we love to gift them to our loved ones. As a luxury floral gifting brand ROSE & CO is the best floral delivery brand in Kingswood. We are specialized in boutique and floral designs with modern touch. With a passion towards innovative floral designs our goal is to give luxury experience to all our customers and make them happy by giving our bouquet at affordable price tag.

ROSE & CO is growing rapidly and hence we need to ensure all of our product are as sustainable possible. To ensure sustainable products we buy flowers from our local farmers in Australia and fill them in our stores. At the stores the best stems are hand - picked by our highly skilled florist and the bouquet is hand crafted with love.

... We are also striving hard to ensure all of our packaging materials to be eco-friendly to the maximum possible extend. We always use recyclable and Bio-degradable packaging materials to produce as little waste as possible. This will be done without any compromise in the quality of flower packing.

One of our added advantage is that we deliver the orders on the same day in and around kingswood. Kingswood is one of the oldest suburbs in Western Sydney which is located in the state of New South Wales. The name Kingswood came from the Governor Philip Gidley King, who is the owner of the land. In 1881 the area was called as cross road as it was at the crossing of the Great Western Motorway and The Northern Road. It was renamed as Kingswood in 1887. Kingswood was once a fertile forest area which has now transformed into an area of excellence with a university, a TAFE along with a number of schools in it.

Kingswood is located nearer to a lot of local attractions. Penrith which is a famous shopping area with a number of entertainment activities, located just a couple of kilometers from kingswood. On travelling for one kilometer further one can reach the Nepean River which has a plenty of water sports and scenic spots. The blue mountain which was named for its blue colour can be seen clearly from the river. This adds additional beauty to the river.

Why ROSE & CO for flower delivery in Kingswood
We design a wide variety of bouquets based on the season and calendar occasions. We also have a range of design specially crafted for separate occasions like wedding, gifting, birthdays, funerals, and more.

We ensure utmost care in making perfect arrangement of flowers and packing. When you order a bouquet from ROSE & CO it is not just an arrangement of flowers, but a hand crafted luxury with love.

Only the finest stems are hand - picked by our highly skilled florist and arrange them with their creative mind to finish the bouquet. You won’t be able to find such uniqueness with other flower deliver brands.

We also pay due care to improve the final quality by focusing on the fine details of gifting experiences through our wide variety of accessories. Accessories like balloons, candles, chocolates adds additional aesthetics to the bouquet.

Our uniqueness
One of our unique quality is the option for customization. You can easily customize the blossoms in your bouquet depending on your taste. This when combined with the experience and creativity of our florist makes a perfect bouquet for you. Feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1300 886 882 to discuss your requirements by phone.

We deliver the orders on the same day around kingswood. We also require your help in achieving this successfully. Orders placed within 12pm are delivered on the same day. Any orders received after 12pm is tentative to same day delivery.

Shop with us
Shopping with us is too simple. Just place your order by choosing your preferred floral arrangement from our website and relax in your couch. ROSE & CO will take care of the rest. Instead if you wish to have a unique floral arrangement feel free to contact our friendly staff available on 1300 886 882 to make a unique bouquet for you.

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87 products

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