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5 Flower Gifts to send this Father’s Day

Father’s day, as we all know, is a day celebrated to pay off tribute to all fathers as they play a major role in nurturing children and looking after the whole family their entire life. The dates for celebrating Fathers day may vary in different countries but the emotions connected in celebrating this day are just the same everywhere.

As every father, burns his desire to fulfill the wants of his family & children, there is no doubt as much as mothers are important, fathers are also an important support system of the family. Sometimes we all might feel, dads are grumpy & serious at times, but he’s around, involved, and is becoming increasingly active & vocal about creating a better, more equal world for the family. So, as we are approaching father’s day, take time for your father's and make them feel special on this beautiful day. To make the day even more beautiful, here are five flower gift ideas to send across to your father this year.

1) Mixed Rose Bouquet: When you are confused about how to express your feelings, then a mixed rose bouquet is the perfect gift. Arranging red, yellow, white, pink roses with green fillers wrapped with colorful paper and red ribbon makes the bouquet look classic.

2) Bouquet of Dahlia: Arranging mixed colors of Dahlias as a bouquet and presenting it in a vase will surely be a great gift this year to depict your love and best wishes to your father.

3) Brightness in full bloom Gerberas: Gerberas are aesthetically beautiful especially the yellow-colored ones. Arranging a bunch of yellow gerberas in a beautiful square vase with yellow and white ribbons is a great idea to gift your father, the sunshine in your life.

4) Native Flower Bunch: This native basket arrangement is a combination of fresh, seasonal native flowers & cottage garden chrysanthemum in a peachy pink tone. It’s the perfect choice to show someone how much you love them. These long-lasting native flowers contained in a basket or wrap are of excellent value and would look absolutely beautiful as décor at your home or office.

5) Impressive Orchids: A bunch of same-colored or mixed orchids is an exquisite bouquet gift for father’s day. As they represent beauty, tenderness, & love, this bunch of orchids with cellophane packing and pink ribbon bow are perfect for appreciating people for their love & good deeds.


There’s no doubt that father’s set an example for their children on how to take life and how hard work pays off. So, on this special day, it’s your chance to show your father the affection & how much you love and care for him.

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