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5 Gifts to present this Chinese Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is considered to be a day to gift your dear ones the acceptance and gratitude to love even better. Same way, Chinese Valentine’s day offers an opportunity to share a new love language with your loved ones and appreciate them more deeply and accept the world around them more fully. The seventh day of the seventh month on the Chinese calendar is celebrated as the Chinese Valentine’s Day and according to Chinese mythology, it is believed that on this day Niulang and Zhinv meet on the bridge of magpies in the sky.

With the wave of westernization, people have started celebrating Valentine’s Day, by exchanging gifts like bouquets, perfumes, jewelry, chocolates, cards, etc.

As the Chinese Valentine’s Day falls on Saturday, August 14, 2021, many people are preparing or in search of the best & thoughtful gifts for their loved ones. So which present do you prefer on Chinese Valentine’s Day?

To help you find that best gift, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 top gift ideas that you can gift your loved one on this special day:

1) Flowers & Bouquet: Gifting flowers or customized bouquets to somebody special this Chinese Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to send the message of love and gratitude. Some of the best flower arrangements, for this special day, are:

  1. Red Roses Bouquet with white baby’s breath
  2. A mix of seasonal pink booms
  3. Hydrangea bouquet
  4. Orchids & Chrysanthemums
  5. Peony bunches
  6. Bouquet of Dahlias 
  7. Dried Bouquet

    2) Gift Basket:  Lovers can surprise their partners by using online gift delivery services send across a customized & assorted pack of cookies, red roses, chocolates, munchies or even send a big basket of fresh fruits & nuts to make your special someone feel cherished.

    3) Jewellery: If your better half has been hinting at some sparkly new jewelry that he/she loves then go for it. Dazzling pave diamonds, silver, and warm rose gold give off major Valentine's vibes. 

    4) Framed pictures: Create a customized photo-art with your favorite memories for a picture-perfect present with an art frame for this Valentine's day.

    5) Houseplant: Flowers might be the obvious choice of gift when it comes to Valentine’s Day but gifting a houseplant can be surprisingly seductive. The Hoya Sweetheart Cactus, Pilea Peperomioides, String of Hearts, Red Anthurium Heart-leaf Philodendron are a few super-cute house plants that require low maintenance & at the same time are sweet and simple too.


    A surprise gift is always a great memory especially when it comes from the people you admire & love the most.  All of the above suggestions are great gift choices that will help you pick up the right gift for your partner to celebrate this Chinese Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way. But remember, whatever you choose, it must be your highest expression of love, togetherness, trust & gratitude.

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