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A Guide to Keep Cut Roses Fresh for Longer

Be it a single bloom in a vase, or an arrangement, roses brighten up any room or any occasion with their beauty and fragrance. If handled with care, roses can last well over a week or more. Good looks, fragrance, easy to grow, roses pretty much tick all the boxes.

Whatever your rose preference is, enjoy your favorite blooms even longer by following these simple steps:

1) Always cut roses after 3 pm, in the afternoon, this is the time when they have the highest food reserves and this gives them the strength to last longer.

2) As soon as you cut the flowers, place the stems on water, or else the cut ends will dry and seal off when exposed to air.

3) The right size vase or container is an essential element for your cut flower arrangement. Make sure you choose the right-sized vase where the clipped stems fit nicely into the opening. If the vase opening is too narrow then it could make the stem cramped and if it is too wide then it won’t give a proper shape to your floral arrangement.

4) Wash the vase properly to ensure that there are no bacteria present while introducing the cut rose flower and water to the new condition.

5) Leave at least 3 to 4 leaves on the stem, to feed the rose plant. But make sure to remove all leaves that would be below the waterline as it would rotten the stem and turn the waterfowl.

6) Do not place the vase somewhere with direct sunlight. Place the flower vase in a cool spot which will let them adjust slowly and extend their vase life.

7) Change the water regularly or whenever it gets murky.

8) If you feel the roses are wilting, then that could mean water is not able to flow through the stem. In such cases, re-cut the stem and submerge them in light warm water and let them sit for about an hour before replacing them in the vase.

9) Try to add any kind of flower food to your flower vase and make sure it’s fully dissolved in the water.

10) Pour about 1/4 cup of soda into the water in a vase. The sugar in the soda can make the blossoms last longer.

11) Mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons of sugar into the water enhances your flowers’ longevity.

12) This is the most tried-and-true way to keep roses fresh longer. Before adding the flowers place a crushed aspirin in the water.

Closing Thoughts:

Be it a bouquet of gorgeous roses or a single rose, follow these simple tips for keeping cut rose flowers fresh, lasting longer, and looking their best.

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