Blossoming Blessings for the New Year: Embrace Good Fortune with ROSE & CO's Lucky Bucket - ROSE & CO

Blossoming Blessings for the New Year: Embrace Good Fortune with ROSE & CO's Lucky Bucket

Dear ROSE & CO Flower Enthusiasts,

As the Lunar New Year's chimes gradually ring in, our homes start brimming with anticipation and joy. This time of year, rich in hope and harmony, is perfect for letting warmth and beauty flourish.

At ROSE & CO, we understand that nothing captures the spirit of the festival quite like a bouquet of meticulously designed flowers. That’s why we’ve specially introduced the "Lucky Bucket" – a floral arrangement crafted to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Not only does it feature festive red hues, but it also incorporates elements symbolising good fortune and happiness.

Lucky Bucket bouquets placed during Chinese New Year

🌹 Festive Red: Red symbolises good luck and joy during the New Year. Our Lucky Bucket is centred around this vibrant hue, not just for its beauty, but also for its profound cultural significance. Each rose, handpicked by our expert florists, represents a wish for a splendid New Year.

Lucky Bucket bouquet of red flowers and golden decorative elements

🏮 Tradition Meets Creativity: Building on tradition, we've infused creativity into the Lucky Bucket, making it a highlight of your New Year decorations. The clever combination of golden blooms and red paper fans not only showcases the festive spirit but adds a touch of modernity. Discover more.

🍀 Blessings and Sharing: The New Year is a time for sharing blessings. Whether as a gift or the centrepiece of your gathering, the Lucky Bucket is an excellent choice for conveying heartfelt sentiments. Don't forget to share your festive moments and photos of the Lucky Bucket, tagging us @roseandco and using the hashtag #RoseAndCoNewYear.

Yellow Chinese New Year Lion Dance

In this joy-filled season, we invite you to celebrate with us. Whether you're commemorating at home or heading out with friends, Sydney's Lunar New Year celebrations will immerse you in the happiness and excitement of this special festival.

Lively scene on the streets during Lunar New Year

🎉 Sydney's Lunar New Year Celebrations: Join us at the Sydney Lunar Streets – Haymarket street festival on Saturday, February 11th, from 5 PM to 10 PM. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere along Dixon Street, Sussex Street, and Thomas Street in the Haymarket area.

lunar New Year Dragon Dance

🐲 Cultural Experience: Witness the spectacular 20-metre-long traditional Chinese Dragon Dance, a unique cultural experience that plunges you into the traditional celebrations of the Lunar New Year.

lunar new year night lively market

🍲 Culinary Adventure: Sample a variety of cuisines at the market stalls, including food trucks on Harbour Street and performances from SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and the Art Gallery of NSW offering free Lunar New Year activities.

Chinese new year lanterns

Don’t miss out on this annual celebration. Join us in ringing in the Lunar New Year! Visit ROSE & CO to select a special floral gift for your loved ones and yourself. Happy New Year, and may each day bloom as beautifully as our flowers.