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Elegant Decorative Flowers For Your Easter Celebration

Easter is almost here! For some, it’s a time of religious reflection, for others, it’s a time to spend with family or if you ask little ones it’s all about the Easter Bunny and chocolate. But for us, Easter is all about flowers, flowers to gift loved ones and flowers to decorate the Sunday table.

Much of the Easter inspiration seen from the UK, America and Europe relates this special time of year to their season of spring. But for us here in Australia, Easter falls in autumn so when we think of flowers to celebrate Easter, we think of seasonal cute blooms often in the shades of white and pink.

Here are a few of our favorites and much more available at the Rose & Co site, so be sure to check them all!

Easter Lilies

This Elegant lily is so popular during Easter. They are traditional blooms considered to be associated with the resurrection of Jesus, celebrated on Easter Sunday. Easter lilies symbolize hope and renewal, which are the two themes on this special occasion. These lilies are popular gifts among the people who believe in faith, but are most often used in church services at this time of year due to its rich whiteness, signifying purity.

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Purple and white orchids

Easter holidays always fill the store with Orchids in white and purple. Color plays an important role in the Christian religious calendar, white and purple are the traditional Christian colors of Lent and Easter.In Christian doctrine, the spots on orchid flowers were seen as a symbol of the blood of Christ, therefore orchids are frequently found in Easter and Christmas flower arrangements.

Purple orchid portrays the liturgy of Lent, representing pain, suffering and penitence. Purple is also the color of royalty, imbuing the season with a sense of majesty. Thus, bring the Lenten season into your home and celebrate the joy of Easter with a purple orchid and a candle.


Walk into any big hardware store, grocery store or florist right now and you will likely end up in a huge display of stunning colorful hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are best known for their vivid colors that change depending on the pH of the soil. They are available in white, pink and blue variants. White hydrangeas symbolize purity and grace which makes it a beautiful and fitting addition to Easter bouquets. Your loved one will be fortunate to be gifted with this beautiful colored hydrangea on their Easter holiday.

Baby’s Breath Basket

Baby’s breathis a traditional flower used at Easter and is wonderful for floral arrangements around this time. This delicate bloom adds depth, detail and texture to bouquets. Usually white and pink, it’s said to symbolize innocence purity and lent, which at Easter takes on religious meaning relating to the purity of Christ. A very delicate and pure flower arranged amongst some speckled eggs in an open basket makes a simple yet effective Easter flower arrangement.


In addition, we are always happy to make up a custom bouquet, so feel free to get in touch with our friendly florist. Happy Easter from Rose & Co!