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Pick the Best Flowers to Say Congratulations from a Sydney Florist

The saying goes ‘getting success is like holding the whole world in your hands’. It's important to celebrate occasions with our family and friends, whether it's a graduation, delivery of a baby, getting a job promotion, new job placement, wedding, birthday, engagement, or any other occasion. There are many congratulations gifts to help the recipient mark the occasion in style, but conveying your congratulatory sentiments through flowers is always the best.

Nonetheless, not every flower is suitable for every occasion. Don't worry; this article gives you an idea to pick the best flowers to say congratulations:

1) For Graduation:

Tulips and Lilies represent passion and energy, making them ideal congratulations flowers. As tulips symbolize admiration and honor, a bouquet of mixed colors would be a great gift for graduation which exudes happiness and joy and symbolizes admiration and honor.

2) For New Born:

For a newborn baby, white and pink roses are the perfect congratulations flowers. White roses symbolize purity and innocence, while pink roses symbolize grace and elegance. Flowers like orchids, tulips, gerberas, and chrysanthemums are also popular to send to new mothers.

3) For Celebrating an Engagement:

A traditional congratulatory flower for an engagement is a carnation or rose, which symbolizes longevity, new beginnings, love, and purity. Its bright colours and amazing aroma make it the best congratulations flowers for celebrating an engagement.

4) For Friendship:

A beautiful bouquet of daisies is the perfect way to congratulate a friend or colleague on a new job, a promotion, a championship, or graduation. With their different colors, Gerbera daisies are the best congratulatory flowers.

5) For Weddings:

When a couple ties the knot, white roses are one of the most common congratulatory flowers. Symbolizing new beginnings, purity, and innocence, roses are memorable.

6) For New Home:

Make this milestone even more special by giving them a long-lasting floral arrangement, such as a potted orchid. With their luscious, slender stems and white blossoms, they instantly transform any space into something fresh, clean, and modern, and last anywhere between 14 and 21 days.

7) For Birthdays:

You get a multitude of choices when picking flowers as a birthday present. It is ideal to send birthday flowers such as roses, orchids, iris, sunflowers, gerberas, tulips, etc.

8) For Higher Education:

Orange-colored lilies and roses symbolize happiness and celebration. Give a bouquet of orange lilies and roses to a young friend or family member who is going abroad or joining a reputable college or university.

9) For Artistic Achievement:

Known for their beauty and elegance, tulips are bulbous vibrant flowers. As a symbol of perfection, their symmetrical petals embody grace, elegance, fame, and passion & are perfect to congratulate artists.

10) For Anniversaries:

As anniversary gifts, red roses have always been a popular choice. A beautiful bouquet of these blooms symbolizes love, romance, and admiration.


Flowers are perfect gifts since they represent a wide range of emotions and occasions. Whether it's joy, love, romance, sympathy, admiration, or appreciation, flowers never fail.

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