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Things to know about forever roses and their types

Flowers and especially roses bring forth the feeling of love, happiness and romance when gifted to special one for an equally special occasion. We feel blissful whenever we look into the roses and try to lengthen their longevity by placing the roses in vase of water. But as time passes the flowers start to wilt and you may feel guilty in throwing them away. What if we say that you can save roses for more months may be years with the same fresh look while you bought it? Here is where ‘Forever Roses’ comes into the picture. Forever roses can stay fresh up to one year if properly maintained. Let us dive in to have a detailed look of forever roses.

What are forever roses?

Roses when undergoing some preservation techniques to retain their freshness and longevity is known as forever roses which are also known as Eternal, Eternity, Infinity, and Everlasting roses. Forever roses can stay    long without any need to watering them and just requires least maintenance. 

How long do forever roses last?

A best forever roses are said to be last for nearly 3 years, however they can last up to one year and more by taking precautionary measures.

Where is the forever roses sourced from?

Creating forever roses requires high quality roses grown in perfect climatic conditions like ample sunshine, perfect rainfall and the soil they are cultivated. These high quality roses are selected when they are bloomed out perfectly.

Process of making forever roses:

When the high quality roses are picked perfectly they are cut at the stem and then bleached and hydrated with some specially formulated non-toxic solutions. The solution preserves the roses to retain their shape, structure and softness alive. The flowers are then dyed and colored with colors like Purple, Red, Pink, Green, Black and others. For expensive and high quality forever roses they may require a little touch-up of shellac and lacquer.

Types of forever roses:

  1. Gold finished roses:

The forever roses are dipped and plated in 24k gold solution which may be yellow gold or red gold.

  1. Silver finished roses:

In this case the forever roses are dipped into the silver solution. Silver forever roses can represent a 25th birthday or 25th anniversary celebrations.

  1. Platinum finished roses:

Here the infinity roses are dipped in platinum solution, as platinum is an expensive metal when compared to gold, the platinum dipped forever roses are sold in premium level.

  1. Trimmed forever roses:

For a trimmed forever roses only the edges of rose petals are plated with silver, gold or platinum and the rest of rose petals retain the color it is dyed with. The stem and leaves of forever roses can also be trimmed or left original.

  1. Crystal beaded roses:

These are made with crystals by hands and designed as suggested by the customers. Each crystal adorned roses and forms unique patterns.


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