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Things to know before opting for online flower delivery service

Flowers are the perfect gift for all occasions, but receiving them from the wrong florist is a situation we all need to avoid. Fortunately, there are few steps and considerations you can take to make sure that your flower delivery in Sydney hits all the right marks.

Rose & Co, a premium florist with stores across Sydney, offers a range of floral arrangements and gifts in their online store. We aim to add a great experience to its customers by delivering exceptional customer service and amazing floral. We have composed a handy guide which helps to build plans for your next flower delivery ensuring them to avoid potential hiccups and missteps along the way.

Schedule a planned delivery:

Always choose an appropriate delivery date and confirm the presence of the person and communicate this to the florist along with the intended time of delivery. It is recommended to have a look at the weather conditions on the delivery date which would help the flowers to stay fresh. Always make clear to your florist on account of any special notes or requests during the delivery. Scheduling a planned delivery with your florist in Sydney helps in maximizing the potential for on time delivery and smoothens the overall delivery processes.

Don’t forget to choose a fragrance:

More than beauty, flowers can fill the surrounding air with pleasant natural fragrances. There are some scented flowers in Sydney like roses, lilies, Philadelphus and freesias.

For instance, Roses are known for their natural sweet pleasant fragrance; open bud lilies add subtle enticing perfume; Philadelphus has various intensities of a zesty orange-like scent; while freesias are colorful flowers which add a fruity pleasant scent.

Incorporating fragrant flowers into a range of bouquets express the real care and love to your special ones.

Choosing a right color scheme:

Always ensure the preferred color scheme for your recipients so that the flowers you send them can match the recipient's home or office. With this bit of information you provide to your florist, they can assist you to design an arrangement with the right color scheme, fragrance and size to fit for its intended purpose.

Fresh or preserved flowers:

Some people would prefer an elegant flower arrangement to be enjoyed for a period of time, while others would prefer preserved flowers for a longer shelf life. So, choose wisely and the prices would vary depending on the variety and size of each option. Speak to your florist on the options which would be appropriate for you.

Flower Maintenance:

Choosing a reputable florist in Sydney like Rose & Co. ensures delivery of your flowers in pristine condition. There are simple maintenance steps to be followed like sprinkling water to your flowers, keeping away from sunlight and feeding them ensures your flowers stay fresh for a long time.

Concluding note:

Always remember the above steps and communicate with your florist before ordering your flower. If you are searching for an affordable and reliable flower delivery service in Sydney contact us. We have the right arrangement for every occasion.