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5 Interesting Facts about Tulips

Tulips are one of the most beautiful & most popular flowers in the world. The tulip is one of the most iconic spring blooms, spotted in blossom beds, gardens, fields, as well as in bouquets. These energetically shaded blossoms are so emblematic of spring that they are a popular choice for occasional wedding arrangements globally. But that's not all, these pretty little flowers offer more than that meets our eye.

Here are a few interesting facts about the great tulip flower plant:

1) Tulip’s name:

Tulip got its name from the shape of the flower. The word derives from the Persian word ''delband'' which means turban. It is also associated with Turkey because the Turkish people used tulip stems to decorate their turbans.

2) Types of tulips:

Currently, there are over 3,000 Tulip varieties registered, which are divided into fifteen divisions/groups based on the type of flower, blooming period, and size. Famous varieties include:


  • Single early – Has cup-shaped flowers that bloom in the early to midseason
  • Double early – Has fully double, bowl-shaped flowers that bloom around midseason
  • Triumph – Blooms in late summer or early fall with solitary, cup-shaped flowers
  • Darwin hybrid – Flowers are ovoid-shaped and bloom mid-to late-season
  • Single late – Cup or goblet-shaped flowers blooming in the late season
  • Double late – Heavy blooms with a bell-shaped shape
  • Fringed (Crispa) – Forms cups-shaped, crystal-like fringes in the autumn
  • Parrot tulip – A showy flower with a wavy shape and sharp edges
  • Acropolis tulip – A curly flower with a bell shape
  • Blue heron tulip – Has large petals with crystalline edges


3) Tulips are Edible:

Tulips are members of the lily family, which also includes onions, garlic, and asparagus. Historically, the petals of this plant have been used for making wine as well as as an onion substitute. During World War II, tulips were commonly used in food during the Dutch famine.

4) Symbolism: 

Tulips are known for their bright and splendid colors. The flower comes in every conceivable shade, except blue. The Queen of the Night tulip is perhaps one of the most intriguing shades of purple in a tulip assortment. In Victorian times, different blooms had different meanings. 

  • The pink tulip symbolizes care and good wishes. It's an ideal gift for friends and family. 
  • The red tulip is a symbol of passionate love
  • Yellow tulips symbolize hope and happiness
  • The white tulip is a symbol of respect & are perfect for a gift at a wedding 
  • A purple tulip is a perfect flower to give to someone wishing them a fresh start

5) Tulip Mania:

Tulips became more popular than ever in the late 1630s, during the Dutch Golden Age. As status symbols and luxury items, their popularity exploded - resulting in the first financial bubble in history: the Tulip Mania.

Closing Thoughts:

Based on all of these fascinating facts, tulips are clearly an intriguing flower with a long history.  

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