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The Best Flowers for Easter 2022

It's no wonder that flowering plants are so popular. They not only add color and beauty, but also have significant association with Easter, an occasion that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and holds great significance for Christians. Flower arrangements are integral to Easter celebrations, both while decorating the home and while giving gifts.

Here’s a look at some of the best flowers for Easter in 2022:

1) Hydrangeas: 

Hydrangeas are spherical plants with large flower heads that bloom during the spring. There are several pastel colors available, including pink, yellow, blue, and lavender, and they are the perfect flower for Easter. Among all, White hydrangeas are also very popular in floral arrangements for Easter. You could also use this flower to signify that you are thankful for someone's understanding or may also indicate that something is truly heartfelt. The Hydrangeas are native to the southern and eastern parts of Asia, although they are also quite common in Australia, North and South America.

2) Easter Lily:

Lilies are not only tall, stalky plants with beautiful, trumpet-shaped blooms that fill churches and homes during Easter; they also have a fascinating history closely connected with the Bible and even Jesus Christ. Lilies are found frequently in the Bible, and cultures around the world. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors, such as yellow, pink, orange, and even speckled. Easter lilies, which are also known as Bermuda lilies, are quite popular at this time of year and are often called white-robed apostles of hope.

3) Hyacinth:

Hyacinth is a fragrant plant used during Easter for decorations and gifting purposes. These bloom in the spring with tall stalks covered with clusters of purple, pink, and white blossoms. According to Greek mythology, hyacinth symbolizes sincerity, constancy, and loyalty, and it gets its name from the god Apollo and a young man named Hyacinthus.

4) Roses:

Sending Easter roses to someone you love this spring is something priceless. While roses aren't traditionally associated with Easter, their versatility and adoration from all over the world make them an excellent choice for an Easter bouquet. With various colors and a variety of rose arrangement options in vases, they surely make a lasting impression. No matter if you want to surprise the Easter bunny or your children, Easter roses are sure to please.

5) Ranunculus:

The Ranunculus family includes many cheerful buttercups, so they're popular Easter flowers. During the spring, Ranunculus ficaria blooms with yellow blooms, while Ranunculus asiaticus has creamy, pink, and red blooms. They symbolize charm, beauty, and grace.

 Final Thoughts:

In most parts of Australia, Easter falls in autumn, making it a perfect time to hit the beach for a long weekend or to take in a bit of nature. However, there is no better way to celebrate Easter since it is a celebration of life, and flowers embody this well.

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